Thursday, March 4, 2021
This image shows a graphic of the Fargo Park Board Meetings.



The regular monthly meeting of the board of commissioners of the Park District of the City of Fargo will be held on Tuesday, March 9, 2021 at 5:30 pm in the board room of the park district offices at 701 Main Avenue, Fargo, with President Stacey Griggs, presiding. Please note: In order to follow the ND Smart Restart Plan, this is a MS Teams Live Event.

Members of the public and media are encouraged to view our video conference on March 9, 2021 at 5:30 pm. Please click on the public live event link. 

Consent Agenda – approve the following:

  1. Minutes – February 9, 2021 and February 24, 2021
  2. February Bills
  3. Order of Agenda
  4. Approve and award the following bids:
    1. Park Equipment
    2. Rose Creek Siding Replacement Project
  5. Approve amendment to lease on Great Northern Park with Great Northern Bicycle Company

Regular Agenda           

  1. Recognition of Audience
  2. Director’s Report
  3. Foundation Director’s Report
  4. Board to consider for approval of Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre long-term lease agreement and proposed site expansion; Dave Leker, presenter.
  5. Board to consider for approval the transfer of restaurant lease from Big Erv’s at Rose Creek to Legends; Carolyn Boutain, presenter.
  6. Board to continue discussion on funding scenario for the following projects; Dave Leker and Broc Lietz, presenters.
    1. Fargo Sports Complex project
    2. Outdoor Pool at Island Park project
  7. Board to discuss City of Fargo Flood Mitigation Project as it relates to Oak Grove Park; Dave Bietz, presenter.
  8. Board to discuss Amendment No. 1 to land lease agreement with Verizon for cell tower at Mickelson Park; Dave Leker, presenter.

Residents continue to have the option to watch the meeting live online and participate online by chatting questions/comments to be shared with the board following the meeting. For those who would otherwise like the opportunity to address the board, the Park District is hosting a socially distant screening in the Board Room on the first floor on the west end of the Depot, located at 701 Main Avenue in Fargo. No commissioners will be physically present at the in-person event. To ensure adequately spaced accommodations, those interested in attending the in-person event are asked to pre-register by contacting the Executive Assistant at 701-499-6060.  

Citizens wishing to address the Park Board may do so by registering to attend the in-person screening. The Recognition of Audience portion of the agenda is limited to no more than 30 minutes in total. To allow the most opportunity for engagement with as many residents as possible, each speaker is asked to keep their remarks to the board to 3 minutes or less. Individuals wanting to address the board must pre-register by contacting the Fargo Park District staff to make arrangements prior to the meeting. 

Individuals who wish to attend Park Board meetings but need special arrangements, please contact the Fargo Park District office at 701-499-6060.