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Capital Project Process

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is the District’s comprehensive multi-year plan for land acquisition and park development, new construction, building and park site improvements and major equipment. The CIP outlines the projects as a 10-year Capital Plan.

The CIP is published annually to reflect the growth of the Plan each year. Capital Improvement Plan Process throughout the year, the Park District compiles requests for capital improvements from numerous sources. External requests generally come from annual budget hearings, letters, emails, website inquiries, legislators, advisory councils, board/committee meetings, community groups, city agencies, new laws and other similar sources. Internal requests are typically derived from staff, commissioners, park inspections, facility assessments, the work order system, framework plans, policy initiatives, strategic objectives and needs identified by staff and commissioners.

Once the requests are compiled, the Fargo Park District Staff Director’s will review each request who will make recommendations to the Fargo Park Board for final approval. Each capital request is investigated to determine the scope, estimated cost, and comparative need for the project. This analysis of each project takes into consideration the following: projects that are urgent, high-priority that should be undertaken if possible; high-priority projects that should be done if funding becomes available; worthwhile projects to be considered if funding becomes available; and desirable, but not essential, low-priority projects. Letters are sent to all applicants, indicating the approval or denial of the project’s inclusion in the 10-year capital plan. As the projects are developed, applicants may be asked to provide additional information.

The total estimated cost of the Capital Plan and its individual projects must fall within the anticipated funds available. This places limits on the number of projects that can be addressed in a given year. The working group's Capital Plan recommendation to the Park Commissioners must stay within adopted financial constraints. The 10-year term of the District's Plan allows the District to maintain long-term fiscal health, lend stability to capital investment planning, meet longer term goals and objectives, establish meaningful timelines for projects, and make clear to the public the District's future investment intentions.

CIP request from outside the Park District should be submitted on the attached Exhibit A form. Please include plans or pictures of similar facilities, equipment etc., which will help complete the narrative.

Capital Plan review process will be started in January and completed no later than April 30th of each year.

A permanent Capital Plan and its attachments will be on file in the administrative offices.

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