Monday, February 12, 2024
Photo of outdoor rink melting



The Fargo Park District regrets to announce that all outdoor skating rinks, with the exception of the SCHEELS Skating Rink at Broadway Square, will remain closed for the remainder of the season. Warmer than usual temperatures, high sun angles, and ground temperatures above freezing have adversely affected the quality of ice, making it unsuitable for public skating. 

Ideally, the Fargo Park District seeks 7-10 consecutive days of temperatures colder than 10 degrees to create and maintain a safe ice surface for outdoor skating. Unfortunately, the extended weather forecast does not indicate a sustained period of temperatures low enough to meet these requirements. 

The SCHEELS Skating Rink at Broadway Square in downtown Fargo will remain open at this time due to its use of a refrigerated coil system. Refrigerated coils are installed beneath the skating surface, allowing for more temperature control and easier maintenance of consistent ice quality. Unlike traditional outdoor rinks, Broadway Square’s coil system enables it to better navigate the impact of warmer temperatures. 

The Fargo Park District will continue to monitor weather conditions closely and will provide updates regarding the status of the SCHEELS Skating Rink at Broadway Square as needed. 

For any further questions, please visit or call 701-499-6060.