Monday, July 26, 2021
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You’ve created an account in the Fargo Park District’s new registration system and are now wanting to register for a program/activity. This video will show you how to register for a program/activity. 

How to Register for a Program/Activity  

Step 1: Login to your new account 

Step 2: Choose the optional filter button. I checked the “Youth (6-18)” box 

Step 3: You can filter your options on the left side   

Step 4: Check the buttons on the left side that apply to the event you’re looking to register for, in the video above we’re looking for the “Creative Arts program” 

Step 5: Click on the “Show courses button” under the class that interests you. In this video, we clicked under the “Accelerated Artists” option 

Step 6: Some programs have different available dates. In this video, we clicked on the blue “Register” button next to the “September 14-October 19” option 

Step 7: Click on the blue “Register” button on the top right 

Step 8: Click “Add Family Member” under your name to add a family member to the program or to register yourself  

Step 9: Fill out the family member’s information (name, email, phone number, address, etc.) if you are signing up another person. Or if you already have that family member added just click on their name.  

Step 10: Click the blue “Next” button 

Step 11: Check the small box under the paragraph verifying that you understand the information above 

Step 12: Click on the blue “Checkout” button on the bottom right 

Step: 13: Proceed by filling in your payment card information and address 

Step14: Click the blue “Place My Order” button at the bottom