Wednesday, February 2, 2022
Graphic reading "Share your ideas for Island Park!" with collage of Island Park photos including people using the park, landscapes, playground, dog, etc



The Fargo Park District together with AGL Landscape Architects and RDG Planning and Design want to know what makes Island Park special to you. Members of the community are being invited to share their connection to Island Park and help shape the vision for this historic downtown oasis as we move into the future. A master plan for Island Park has begun and the public is invited to share their ideas and input with the design team and the Fargo Park District.

The preparation of a master plan for Island Park will help build a better understanding of how the park is used, what existing features are to be preserved for the future and what other ideas can be generated to help guide future decisions and capital improvements within Island Park. The final master plan will provide a summary of these ideas, priorities and opportunities as a guiding document for the Fargo Park District to help plan and implement future park improvements for the next 20 years and beyond. The master plan is scheduled to be completed in May 2022.

An online public engagement website has been launched to allow the community to participate in the process, share ideas, provide feedback and answer questions based on specific topics to be addressed in the master plan. The entire community is invited to participate in this free forum. The online engagement website will remain active until the final master plan is complete and presented to the Park Board, which is scheduled for May 2022.

Share some time with us in the present to reflect on your memories and build a vision for the future. The public is encouraged to visit the online engagement website to learn more about the project, join the conversation and receive updates on opportunities to participate in the planning process.

Join the conversation at: