Friday, October 22, 2021
This image shows a graphic of the kayak launches being removed for the season.



In preparation for winter, the Fargo Park District is removing the kayak launches at Forest River Park and Lindenwood Park for the season today, October 22. The launches are put back in place next spring, the date is to be determined and dependent on river levels. 

These launches are designed for launching non-motorized watercraft on a steady footing. The Lindenwood Kayak Launch is adaptive and fully ADA compliant, allowing for a wide variety of users to enjoy the benefits of non-motorized water sports on the Red River. 

Lindenwood Park is located at 1905 Roger Maris Dr, and Forest River Park is located at 76th Ave and the Red River in Fargo. For more information, call 701-499-6060 or visit