Tuesday, June 14, 2022
This graphic shows an image of the June 14, 2022 Fargo Park Board meeting where the Fargo Park Board Receives Final Report for Island Park Master Plan.



Tonight, the Fargo Park District Board of Commissioners received the final report from AGL Landscape Architects and RDG Planning & Design for the Island Park Master Plan.  

The report included recommendations for the Island Park gathering space, pool location, off-street parking, open air amphitheater, sculpture garden and fountain, shelters, courts, gardens along with findings from the Fargo Park District’s public survey on the project.  

Of the four locations tested for Island Park Pool, the location was further narrowed down to two locations: existing location and a potential new location (between the two existing parking lots and in the current lawn space along 7th St). 

AGL recommended that the pool be replaced in its current location based on public input comments, fewer tree impacts and less general park site disturbance at this location. 

Tonight, the Fargo Park Board passed a motion and voted unanimously/5-0 to keep the Island Park Pool in its current location as presented in the Island Park Master Plan. 

The preparation of a master plan for Island Park helped build a better understanding of how Island Park is used, what existing features are to be preserved for the future and what other ideas can be generated to help guide future decisions and capital improvements within the park. Included in the plan is the Angel of Hope sculpture remaining in its current location. 

The master plan provided a summary of these ideas, priorities and opportunities as a guiding document to help plan and implement future decisions for the next 20 years and beyond. 

The report is to be posted online at IslandPark.MindMixer.com for public input until the end of the month.  

In October 2021, the board approved the proposal to begin a process to master plan Island Park. This was needed both for the future development of the park and to help make the decision about the location of Island Park Pool. The process has included development of a Citizen Advisory Committee, a discussion on the IslandPark.MindMixer.com platform, two public input meetings, research, and a public survey. Two design concepts were proposed by our consultants AGL and RDG. We are ready to share the report with the final design recommendations. 

For more information, call 701-499-6060 or visit FargoParks.com.