Tuesday, June 14, 2022
This graphic shows an image of the June 14, 2022 board meeting where the Fargo Park Board makes key decisions on several items.



Tonight, the Fargo Park District Board of Commissioners made key decisions on several items. In separate motions the Park Board voted unanimously/5-0 to:  

  • Direct staff to present at the Facilities Meeting on June 29, 2022, by investigating the pre-design phase for 2 sheets of ice for the Fargo Parks Sports Complex, as well as determining the estimated cost of ice and directing the finance department to determine funding mechanisms for this addition.  

  • Approve the Memo of Understanding with FMCT regarding a proposed outdoor performance area, indoor pavilion and multi-use indoor spaces. This allows FMCT to move forward with beginning the process of demolishing the majority of the current structure on the property and planning for the future of the property. 

  • Approve as presented, the Memo of Understanding with the Fargo Park District Foundation. This defines the nature of the relationship between the two entities and acknowledges respective obligations going forward. The goal is to provide further clarity with respect to the operations of the Foundation and governs areas of employment, office space and respective financial obligations.  

In a separate release sent out tonight, the Fargo Park Board voted unanimously/5-0 to approve the recommended location for the Island Park Pool provided by the Fargo Park District and AGL Landscape Architects on the Island Park Master Plan process, by keeping the pool in its current location.  

Additionally, at tonight’s meeting, the Park Board received Phase I of the Strategic Plan for the Fargo Park District. The Park District has been working with BerryDunn, formally GreenPlay on Phase I of a Strategic Plan for the organization since December 15, 2021. During this first phase certain elements of the Park District have been analyzed. The district’s mission, vision and values are being considered as well as the organization structure.