Tuesday, July 12, 2022
Photo shows depot with overlay text that reads: "Fargo Park Board Elects New Officers"



At tonight’s monthly Fargo Park Board Meeting, the Fargo Park District elected new officers.  Commissioner Dawn Morgan was elected President of the Park Board and Commissioner Joe Deutsch was elected Vice President of the Park Board. Officers are elected from the board at large to serve in the role for one year.

Dawn Morgan was elected to her first term on the Fargo Park Board in 2020 and has served as the Vice President of the Park Board for the last year. She grew up on Fargo’s Northside and attended graduate school at MSUM where she focused on special education. Dawn is Executive Director of the non-profit, Spirit Room, working directly with the arts and cultural communities to provide a venue to enrich people’s lives. Dawn serves on many community boards and committees including: City of Fargo Planning Commission, the City of Fargo Master Plan Steering Committee for Neighborhood Planning, the City of Fargo Street Tree Master Plan Committee, the Jefferson Area Neighborhood Association, the Hjemkomst Scandinavian Festival and the Fargo Moorhead Heritage Society. Dawn’s goal in everything she does is to connect people to environments which promote education, health and a safe atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Joe Deutsch was recently reelected for his fifth term, originally joining the Board in 2006. A native of Fargo, Joe grew up in the Fargo Park District, riding his bike daily to go play baseball at Mickelson and golfing at El Zagal. This is a tradition he has tried to carry on, raising his own children here in Fargo. As a professor at North Dakota State University, Dr. Deutsch prepares Physical Education Teachers, Coaches, and Recreation Specialists. Joe is married to his wife Brandi and has three sons. In his free time, Joe enjoys any recreational opportunities he can get with his family as well as coaching several of his sons’ sports. 

Also at tonight’s Board meeting, Commissioner Vicki Dawson was recognized for her year as service as President of the Park Board. Vicki served as Park Board President from July 2021 until tonight’s meeting.