Monday, November 23, 2020
This image shows and elf popping onto a snowy background with the word Elf on the Site.



How many times can you spot the Elf on the Site? Play along to explore our new Fargo Parks website and count how many times you can spot Parker, the Elf! Starting December 7, follow along on the Fargo Parks Facebook page to comment how many times a week you've seen Parker, the Elf. If you guess the correct number, you'll be entered for a chance to win fun Fargo Parks holiday prizes. We’re picking a prize winner every week!  

How it Works

  1. Each week a different Elf on the Site post is shared on the Fargo Parks Facebook page with clues to where Parker, the Elf is hiding.
  1. Elf on the Site clues are posted every Monday; there are four regular posts (along with an extra post the week of Christmas), so that means you have five chances to win! 
  1. Once you comment an answer on one of that week’s photos, you are automatically be entered into Fargo Parks holiday prizes! Participants have until Thursday at 12:00 am to comment on one of the week’s posts. 
  1. Participants who've guessed the correct Elf on the Site number are put into a drawing and winners are chosen at random and contacted every Friday.
  1. The contest runs from December 7-January 1. The last Elf on the Site clues are posted on Monday, December 28, the last winner is chosen on Friday, January 1. 

Have fun and use all the information you know about Fargo Parks. There's so much more fun to have beyond the Elf on the Site Contest so check out our Events Calendar for even more ways to have fun in Fargo. 

* Facebook accounts must be set to public to enter. 

 Elf on the Site Clues

Clue #1 (December 7):

  • During the winter, Parker gets his exercise and enjoys the fresh air at each of these nine trails. 
  • Parker wants to learn a new sport and make more friends.
  • Parker loves the ocean, someday he wants to vacation where it's warm but first he’ll need these lessons.

Clue #2 (December 9):

  • Parker loves picnics and planes, so he is eating lunch at this park today. 
  • Parker loves hockey, he plays in this Fargo Parks event every year. 
  • Parker really loves everything the Fargo Park District is about and is excited to see that there is a nonprofit arm to the organization.

Clue #3 (December 14):

  • It’s always cold in the North Pole so Parker and his elf friends want to join this sport with new indoor leagues each season. 
  • In his free time, Parker visits this arena to watch the Fargo North hockey teams play, sometimes he even joins the drop-in hockey league! 
  • Parker loves to do this activity at Trollwood, Oak Grove and Iwen Park. 
  • Still not sure how to find where Parker is hiding? This menu on the homepage should help you out.
  • This park is the name of Parker's favorite animal.
  • Parker loves racing his friends down the hill during this popular winter activity.

Clue #3 (December 22):

  • From biking and kayaking to tree tours and a bridge across the Red River, this park has everything and Parker sure visits often! 
  • Parker has loved learning all these new activities, visiting the parks and making new friends that he had to read all about us at the Fargo Park District. 
  • This new location is Parker’s favorite place to visit downtown - he can go ice skating, take an elfie in front of the Christmas tree and finish his Christmas shopping! 
  • Parker always brings his furry friends to play at each of these four parks. 

Clue #4 (December 28):

  • Parker has enjoyed his time with the Fargo Park District so much that he decided to run for a position on this board!
  • Parker and his friends love playing hockey and skating outdoors. These locations are the perfect spots to take a break and warm up.
  • This is Parker's favorite place to look through everything happening this fall/winter with the Fargo Park District.
  • If Parker gets married one day, he's choosing this park because he loves walking down the yellow brick road, the two playgrounds and playing disc golf.