Wednesday, December 13, 2023
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In case you missed the Park Board Meeting on December 12, 2023, below are some highlights to be aware of.        

To view a full agenda and memos click HERE. For a full recording of the meeting visit the Fargo Park District YouTube page.     

Bid awarded to Connect Interiors for the Fargo Parks Sports Center furniture package 

As part of the consent agenda, Park Board Commissioners voted 5-0 to award a bid to Connect Interiors for the Fargo Parks Sports Center furniture package. 

With Phase I of the Fargo Parks Sports Center fast approaching in early summer of 2024, bids for furniture packages were received and opened November 16. Commissioners voted to award the bid to Connect Interiors for a total of $1,095,628.23. The furniture bid includes furniture for staff workstations, lounges, community rooms, community seating and more.  

To read more about the Fargo Parks Sports Center click HERE.  

Approval to solicit bids for 2024 playground replacement projects 

As part of the consent agenda, Park Board Commissioners voted 5-0 to grant permission for staff to solicit bids for the 2024 playground replacement projects. Each year, the Fargo Park District replaces playground equipment in several parks in an ongoing effort to provide safe and welcoming equipment to the community.  

In 2024, the following playgrounds will be replaced: Pepsi Soccer Complex, Trollwood Park north playground and the Johnson Park swing set. The total estimated budget for the 2024 playground replacements is $450,000.  

With Commissioners’ approval, the project bid schedule will be determined at a later date with construction planned to start in the late summer or fall of 2024. Playground replacement projects are strategically scheduled for late summer or fall in an effort to prevent interruption to playground use during the summer months.  

Approval of lease agreement with Up North Hospitality, d/b/a CJs Tavern to provide food and beverage services at Rose Creek Golf Course 

Park Board Commissioners voted 4-0 to approve a lease agreement with Up North Hospitality, d/b/a CJs Tavern for operation of the Rose Creek Clubhouse restaurant, grill and beverage carts. Commissioner Aaron Hill abstained from voting on the item.  

In the proposed lease, the tenant agrees to provide operations at Rose Creek year-round beginning in January of 2024. The agreement is contingent upon the tenant’s ability to transfer the current liquor license to their ownership.  

Approval of 2024 budget adjustment 

Park Board Commissioners voted 5-0 to approve adjustment to the 2024 annual budget.  

The Fargo Park District complied with all necessary time requirements for submittal, public posting, and board approval for both the preliminary budget and final budget. The finance department submitted both the preliminary budget and the final budget as approved by Commissioners by the October 10 deadline. However, upon submission, the 2023 budget file was attached to email rather than the 2024 budget. 

This results in an approximate reduction of 4.01 mils instead of the intended 1.35 mil reduction for taxpayers, which means the Fargo Park District will collect approximately $2.2 million less in tax revenue in 2024. 

The finance department identified and presented additional non-tax revenue options to be added to the 2024 budget to offset this reduction, including the sale of the Robert D. Johnson Recreation Center for $825,000.  

For a full list of 2024 budget adjustments view Agenda Item No. 5 on the December Board Meeting agenda HERE.  

The budgetary changes will not negatively impact taxpayers. Despite the unforeseen decrease in tax revenue, the Fargo Park District remains committed to responsibly delivering high quality programs, events, parks and facilities to serve the entire community. 

Susan Faus named Executive Director of the Fargo Park District 

The Fargo Park District Board of Commissioners has named Susan Faus Executive Director of the Fargo Park District. Faus, who joined the Park District as Deputy Director of Administration, has served as Interim Executive Director since September of 2023.  

In this role, Susan will oversee leadership and strategy of the entire Fargo Park District and its entities, including Courts Plus Community Fitness, Valley Senior Services, Broadway Square and all five public golf courses.  

Susan joined the Fargo Park District in November of 2022, previously serving as the Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Bloomington, Minnesota and Assistant Parks and Recreation Director in the City of Edina, Minnesota before that. She holds a Master of Science in Sports Management degree from the University of Kentucky. She attended North Dakota State University in Fargo earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Corporate and Community Fitness.  


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