Monday, April 18, 2022
This image shows a graphic of the online Earth Day GooseChase Challenge event.



Join the Fargo Park District in celebrating Earth Day all week long with the Earth Day GooseChase Challenge! This virtual event runs April 18-24. Support our planet by taking part in a variety of fun and educational Earth Day challenges online via Facebook and with the GooseChase app. 

In the Earth Day Challenge, there are seven challenges on the GooseChase app and seven on the Fargo Park District Facebook event page. Some of the challenges include building a walking stick, planning a staycation, picking up litter in your neighborhood or finding more ways to reduce and reuse. 

The GooseChase app is a perfect way to get outside and engaged in Fargo parks, in this app participants complete in challenges for points. The more challenges you complete, the better chance you have at climbing up the event leaderboard. Each challenge is worth a certain number of points and all members must submit a photo once the challenge is completed. 

The challenge starts online in the GooseChase App and in the Facebook event on April 18. Use the game code J5GRRG for the GooseChase app. Two lucky participants will win a prize at the end of the week-long event that helps focus on sustainability all year long.   

The Earth Day GooseChase Challenge is a great way to get the community engaged and talking about the earth! This is a free event for the entire community and no registration is required. For more information, call 701-499-6060 or visit