Wednesday, June 16, 2021
This image shows the Fargo Park District Foundation Match Grant Program application deadline is July 1.



The Fargo Park District Foundation is currently accepting applications for its Matching Grant Program. The Matching Grant Program provides a funding opportunity for associations, organizations, clubs or individuals to partner on projects in Fargo Park District facilities or parks. The purpose of this program is to advance recreational opportunities in Fargo. 

“The Fargo Park District Foundation’s Grant Match Program is designed to encourage partnerships between The Foundation and various organizations throughout our community,” shared Brian Arett, Fargo Park District Foundation Director. “Our goal for this program is to provide opportunities to support projects that will enrich the lifestyle of our community through recreation.” 

The Matching Grant Program provides a dollar-for-dollar match. The maximum dollar amount matched is $15,000 and the minimum project size for this program is $2,500. The project sponsor must certify that they have the necessary funds for their share of the total estimated project’s cost.  

Projects that receive the greatest consideration fit into the Fargo Park District’s strategic plan, mission and vision as well as serve a wide variety of people and can be used throughout the year. Projects should also have a developmental plan approved or reviewed by Fargo Park District. Also receiving greatest consideration are projects that are on Park District property and projects with limited operational maintenance costs over an extended time period.  

Previous grant recipients include Fargo Fastpitch Association, Fargo Public Library, FM Trailbuilders, Fargo Youth Baseball and Post 400 Legion Baseball.  View a complete list of previous grant recipients and a summary of the funded projects.

Applications must be submitted by 5:00 pm on July 1, 2021. Prior to submission and deadline, Brian Arett, Foundation Director, must be contacted at 701-356-1420 to conduct an initial project review to make sure the project meets minimum specifications. Submit an application online.

View a complete list of Fargo Park District Foundation Matching Grant Program guidelines