Tuesday, January 12, 2021
This image shows a graphic of the Fargo Sports Complex Foundation project.



The Fargo Park District Board of Commissioners today voted unanimously to move forward with the planning for the Fargo Sports Complex project as presented at this evening’s Park Board meeting. The Board noted the project is about improving the quality of life for people of all ages.

This extraordinary building project will address a critically unmet need for indoor recreation facilities available to the public. This need was identified as part of comprehensive 2016 feasibility study that included a needs assessment and prioritization of recreational facilities, amenities and programmatic needs of local sports organizations, schools, and the Fargo Park District with an emphasis on resident input.

At tonight’s meeting, the Board underscored the project as a forward-thinking approach to overall community wellness in our region. The Fargo Sports Complex will benefit more than 13,000 kids in our community in its first year of operation. The Fargo Park District feels working together with user groups and community partners is key to build a healthier future.

“By providing an active space to enhance the healthy lifestyle of our community, we are clearly furthering the mission of the Fargo Park District,” said Stacey Griggs, Fargo Park Board President. “We are also broadening the accessibility of recreational and seasonal opportunities in the community for both the public and our wide variety of user groups and partners who currently are limited by mother nature and space constraints beyond their control.”

The concept calls for a highly impactful community recreation facility to accommodate indoor sports, community activities, tournaments and special events. Phase one of the project will include: 1 full size indoor soccer turf field, 4 – 6 full sized basketball courts, 1 indoor ice sheet, administrative offices, multipurpose community space and an indoor walking track. 

At the meeting, the Board reviewed the projected scope, timeline and funding recommendations. The goal is to begin the design development phase of the project in the spring of this year.

“With a goal to fund 60% of the project through private donations, the Fargo Sports Complex promises to bring an incredible opportunity to our youth, our families, community, and region,” shared Dave Leker, Fargo Park District Executive Director. “A testament to the possibilities of public-private partnerships, our committed community partners are key to this project’s success.”

The Board noted the Fargo Park District Foundation will continue to raise funds for the project by seeking community partners and participating in this year’s Giving Hearts Day event on February 11. Donations made on Giving Hearts Day to the Fargo Park District Foundation will be matched by SCHEELS up to $250,000 in support of the project.

For more information on the Fargo Sports Complex please visit the project page here.